Health experts have identified the health trend of our century: “Changing lifestyle”.  The new lifestyle's goal is to get brand new habits for your physical and mental health, to keep and improve your existing habits. It is advised to move, to keep balance diet, to learn how to manage the stress and to indulge yourself. "Indulge yourself" is a phrase which I use for the English word "enjoy", covering the meanings of taking more pleasure of the life, feeling more peaceful, laughing more, feeling him/herself better; because to be healthy does not only mean to have a healthy pressure, blood values within normal range or to be vaccinated on time. Managing the stress which is one of the main health threats of our century, maintaining a colorful and lively social life as well as strong family and friendship relations have also an affect on our mental and consequently spiritual state. A healthy and balanced diet, regular physical activities, sparing more time for having rest, entertainment and enjoying relationships, learning how to feed and balance the body and soul together are required to develop a more peaceful-oriented life. 

Palmarina Bodrum Spa & Fitness will guide you to get rid of your excess weight, to learn how to manage your weight, to benefit from the concept of detox, to secure the harmony of body-mind-spirit, to have a better life and to be getting on in years in a more elegant, vigorous, young-looking and fit way. Based on “Health and peace come first!” saying, you will be relaxed, relieved and refreshed.

Prof. Dr. Osman Müftüoğlu